TellTheBell – Taco Bell Customer Survey and Feedback

TellTheBell: Taco Bell is inviting their each and every customer out there to take up their survey. Well, before we get into the nitty-gritty of the survey, let me tell you if you love tacos, Taco Bell is the place for you.

Heya health freaks, I know you often visit Taco Bell on your cheat days and that makes Taco Bell the one of the most popular fast food chain across the globe.

Now, let’s talk about the TelltheBell Survey. Taco Bell provides a chance to win $500 in cash on taking up the Tellthebell – Taco Bell Survey. I will let you run through the process but before that let me tell you that Taco Bell is an outstanding food chain among McDonald’s and KFC. The reason is they have different specialty items which mainly covers tacos, nachos, quesadillas, and burritos.

Taco Bell

Moreover, Taco Bell has been able to maintain its quality since its establishment. But one should keep themselves updated if they want to be the top dog in the industry. That’s when this TelltheBell comes into the picture. Let’s know about it. How to get TelltheBell rewards and the coupon.

Furthermore, Taco Bell has been able to maintain its position as one of the best fast-food chains through the service and quality that it provides. Let’s take a look at how you can participate in the Taco Bell TelltheBell Survey.

Glenn Bell established Taco Bell. Like every food giant began from a small store, Glenn owned a HotDog stand named Bell’s drive at the age of 23. With time, he established the first Taco Bell in 1962 in California. And then, it went public with 325 restaurants in 1970. Then Pepsico took over the Taco Bell and is maintaining it till the date.

If we analyze stats, Taco Bell has set the foothold at approximately 7000 different locations in the world. Taco Bell is specialized in Tex-Mex food (Texen-Mexican food) and as its name reads, their tacos are heavenly tasty. Taco Bell serves and quenches the hunger of 2 million customers each year across the globe.

TellTheBell – Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey

Let’s start with an important note. You have to take up TelltheBell survey on Taco Bell’s official website – Any other website or people who promise the same amount to win if you take up the survey on their website, then it is time to step back. You should never ever go somewhere else looking for the rewards.

Here are some things you would like to consider before starting the survey.

Now, here are some of the things you will need before entering the survey.

But if you have a valid receipt, you will have a valid survey code and that is a obvious thing. Now, let’s move on to the steps to complete the survey. Once again, let me tell you that you will need to fill the Customer Satisfaction Survey of Taco Bell – TelltheBell on their official website.

Tell The Bell Survey

Step by Step Procedure in Brief for TelltheBell Survey

The survey is quite easy and will take a little time. Don’t worry if you can’t spare extra time. Just 10 mins before you go for a lunch break and it will be done. All you need to carry with you is the original receipt or a soft copy handy so that you can complete the survey whenever and wherever you want to do. Make sure you have a tablet, phone, or PC with internet connectivity.

So this was it. You will have to answer 15 questions in total to stand a chance to win $500 Cash for Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey. There will be a total 50 entry periods, that said, there will be a total 50 winners who will get $500 winning opportunity.

Please let us know if you have any question regarding TelltheBell – Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey. Drop a comment in the section below. This won’t only help you but also will help other people out there who are facing the same problem.

47 thoughts on “TellTheBell – Taco Bell Customer Survey and Feedback”

  1. Every time I go to Taco Bell, I usually have the pleasure a of dealing with Jan who is always very pleasant and professional! I look forward to having her take my order

  2. why did you take the XXL grill steak burrito off the menu,and is off in every store? it was pretty much the only thing i get except the grill steak taco.

  3. Andy at the W. Stadium TB was a complete ass while taking drive thru orders. We left because he was so rude. I’m sorry he was having a bad night, but customers shouldn’t take the brunt.

  4. As usual I went through the drive thru on University Avenue in Green Bay Wi. And again I did not receive any napkins or eating utensils. How is a person supposed to eat their meal on the road when these items are not given to people. I have called numerous times and it is still happening.

      • I was eating at The Taco bell on hefner Rockwell and the worker or manager LT was really nice in pointing out the deals tacobell was promoting and customer service was very good I will certainly be back to eat again real soon..



  6. Went to Taco Bell for lunch about 12:30 p.m. For lunch inside waited at counter fo about 10 min. No one working up front and was seen by order makers and drive thru register people. Left and went thru drive thru. Your customer service reall sucks! Choctaw Oklahoma store 031699. Order #324456. You all suck and need training. Went yesterday to Taco Bell in Midwest city store 030380 order #216860 register cashier Virginia was very impressed there quick and friendly service.

  7. The Manager and employee dont care how the food is served. I have been here several times and I always get my food sloppy or wrong. One of the Managers said They don’t sell the original toastda. I said that why I ordered it without the chilport sauce. If a customer orders something the way they want it he should not question it!!!

  8. Val at the 9281 159th Street Location makes every customer’s day better. She is always happy to see you, knows your name, and makes you feel welcome. Top notch customer service and keeps the place clean and stocked. She is A+++

  9. I had the worst drive through experience of my life tonight… the guy taking my order was rude and short, no “welcome to Taco Bell” or introduction at all. Then when I got to the window he continued being rude, it was like he was pissed off that I even came there at all.
    I ordered a number 6, 2 chalupa and soft shell taco with a Pepsi and a chicken quesadilla. Once I got home my experience got even worse… The Pepsi I received was warm and had no ice in it. There was no quesadilla in the bag, the soft shell taco I ordered was in a crunchy shell and none of the food was properly wrapped and was spilled all over the bag.
    I am not happy about any part of my experience at your restaurant tonight!

  10. The employees are rude especially manager Maria at store num 30445 on 12th st nampa Idaho.if you do a background check on her she has baggage she is not allowed to be around minors but she works with them .do they check on things like that?

  11. I just left the taco bell in Texas City, Texas on Palmer Highway. I ordered a Burrito Supreme with no beans to eat there. After I ordered and woman screamed my name after about 30 after ordering. I came up to the counter. The woman raised the tray about her face high and slammed it on the counter, then dropped my burrito on it. I sat down and took a few bites and opened the burrito and it was about 75% lettuce, I’m sorry that I got mad but I threw the burrito on the floor and slammed the door on the way out. This was about 5:20 pm on Sunday October 6th. The woman was mexican, about 26 years old with a medium build and good complection. Maybe about 5’5. I didn’t save my receipt. I hope you get this email in time to see the security video.

  12. Customer service was amazing!! Never have we had an employee of Taco Bell or any other fast food restaurant be as kind and courteous as Pennie K. Taco Bell 028272 (9424 Mansfield Rd. Shreveport, La 71118

  13. I visited two of your Taco Bell locations on 9/8/19 in the Oklahoma City area. My husband was excited to try the cheese crusted tacos that have been advertised on our local TV channels, but neither of the locations I visited had them available. Please do not advertise items that are not available. We call that FALSE Advertising!

  14. Went to the Taco Bell in Bartlesville OK to get some Roasted Cheddar Chalupas. It was busy with about 9 cars in line at drive thru, went order and was told they no longer carry them but they are still highlighted on menu board and ask why was answered with don’t know why anything else you want. Needless to say I didn’t. I just don’t understand Taco Bell see ads and they don’t have items. Plus this particular store is always 95 cents more than advertised price on the box specials. Sounds a lot like false advertising.

  15. I was charged full price for my order and no meat on nachos or taco or burritos I was not told meat was pulled off I. Michigan I don’t think I should have paid full price my nachos were all crushed crumbs I was appalled when I saw my takeout order I’ll never return to Taco Bell in Coldwater Michigan I feel I’m due a full refund

  16. Store 034392
    Order: 160772
    The store was trashed. The kitchen looked like it would fail any sanitary test. Paper, food, trash on the floor. The poor cashier was overwhelmed as there were no $1 bills, quarters, or dimes at the cashregester, nor could he get any from the window register. He kept saying “This is so embarrassing!” Finally someone brought him several rolls of dimes and I was given $2.40 change, IN DIMES! Not sure there was any management personnel there but as I was leaving it looked like some help was arriving, and they did not look happy. This seems to be an ongoing problem at this location. Wont be back here for a while.

  17. I ordered $35 in food and was very disappointed. I ordered a salad with extra meat and sour cream over $9 for that and it came in a small box that was made for maybe the pizza smashed to fit. Was also cold. The 12 pk tacos we smashed and paper wrap melded into the meat INSIDE the taco. Also cold. No sauces. I went thru drive thru as 1 person feeding my family and had to ask for a large bag. The only semi edible was the power bowl I asked to have the cold on the side since the person that was for wouldn’t be eating it right away. Poor presentation poor temps. And this used to be the best taco Bell in the area. The last few visits have declined with each visit.

  18. I stopped at the Taco Bell drive thru in Mt. Vernon, KY. on October 11th, to order two Fiesta Salad Bowls. After getting to the window, they tell me they have run out of beef! How on earth can Taco Bell operate without beef? If I had been the manager, I would have jumped in my car and headed to the local grocery store to get hamburger for the customers, otherwise, just close the doors and go home! The employee offers me chicken instead. I’m in a hurry ( thus the reason for the drive thru) so I except. Not only did I not get a discount for not having any beef, but she charges me EXTRA for the chicken. What is a dry salad without beef? That’s the reason they call it Fiesta!! She also only gave me one salad (if you can call it that). I am very disappointed in this Taco Bell. I will NEVER stop there again! The next day, I went to Berea and got a real Fiesta Taco Salad!!

  19. I’m not a fast food guy but I do like taco Bell. I live in Ft Pierce FL. So that’s my local. I understand mistakes and oversights but everytime there is a mistake at my local store it’s always financial and always in your favor. The price I’m charged is not always what’s on the menu board. Just want to know why? Is it that particular store or is it a taco Bell policy to cheat people? Thanks for your attention in this matter.
    [email protected]
    Store 024538
    Order 154549
    Cashier Leola A
    Date 10/20/19
    Time 11:54:08 am

  20. Just drove thru KFC/Taco Bell St 6708 w. DV in AZ. The food was great but the cashier didn’t ask if we wanted any sauce. No sauce & only 3 napkins in the bag but ordered food for 4 people. Plus, she didn’t give me a receipt.

  21. Just drove thru KFC/Taco Bell at 6708 W. DV in AZ. The food was great but the cashier didn’t ask if we wanted any sauce & put in only 3 napkins. . The order was for 4 people. Plus, she seemed to be rushed & didn’t give me a receipt.

  22. I went to store # 030561 and the cashier (Alajah G which is on the receipt) has a serious attitude if she will pay attention to her customers and not her boyfriend she c might can do her job better customer service is terrible at this store

  23. I went to taco Bell (#035174) and the food and experience was awesome thanks for the great customer service Ms Felicia S. God bless you.

  24. food only ok , service was very bad . the girl making my order was talking and joking around with other workers. I only ordered tacos and there was three other people after me that was server by another worker. The kitchen area was dirty also.
    taco bell # 029579 ( 4th Street , St Petersburg Florida

  25. The store I went too 032328 is a great store the people are nice it’s always clean and Mrs.Walker the manger is so nice thanks again

  26. I visit Taco Bell November 13,2019 at store tolianna 1651-8130-2663-3012 I ordered a taco salad no beans and extra sour cream I get home beans sloppy all over one side they must have scrap off the bean on the shell all broken. Small amount of sour cream no extra couldn’t eat it because The beans was Turned my stomach piss off costumer


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