About Us

Tell the Bell official Customer Satisfaction Survey is more of a way to try your luck and win $500 for you. But for Taco Bell, it’s a good opportunity to know how their overall impact reflects back. Because customer satisfaction is a great factor when to stand high in the competitive market.

So what’s in there for you?

First off, the survey won’t take more than 5 minutes of your busy schedule if time is what’s bothering you. Second, you stand a chance to win $500 if you complete the survey. And third, Taco Bell listens, whatever you want or suggest to them you can convey that through the survey questionnaire. So there’s no doubt to not take up the survey.

Who We Are?

Let me tell you a few things about us. Again, we are not the official website for taking up Tell the Bell – Customer Satisfaction Survey. You can only participate in it on their official website. We are a team who just help people to complete the survey to win $500.

The procedure is pretty much easy but sometimes you might get stuck somewhere and we will be there to help you out. We are easy to reach out to. Simply, drop the comment in the comment section of any article on our website. One of us will address your question and get back to you.

Sometimes it also becomes difficult to answer your questions, in that case, we can put forth your question in our community of fanatic people or you can directly contact Customer Support of Taco Bell. Another way is to reach out to them is through their social media handles.


Don’t forget to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions. Never ever take up tell the bell customer satisfaction survey on any of the third party websites even if they claim they’re official Taco Bell. Anyway, keep smiling 🙂 We are happy to help 🙂